10 Ideas To Build Beautiful Railings

10 Ideas To Build Beautiful Railings

There are so many railing styles, materials, shapes, and sizes to choose from these days that it can be daunting knowing where to start. But the good news is the process of building railings doesn’t have to be complicated! Think about how you want your railings to look and feel before starting, then pick out a design that suits your style. Here are ten ideas to build beautiful railings.

1. Make a Simple Stair Rail

Make your stairway railing with quality hand-cut wood, finished with paint or stain. Add interest by including a window box filled with seasonal flowers. This look is classic and timeless.

2. Create Modern Style With Glass

Add interest to your railing by creating panels of glass. This style works well in any contemporary setting. Use clear acrylic, frosted or stained glass for your panes. Clear glass is a great choice for a room with high ceilings.

3. Try Vertical Planters

When using wood, you can build vertical planter boxes to fit the space beneath the railing, so you don’t lose floor space. You can also create smaller planters as a space saver. And, you can use these boxes to display potted plants.

4. Toss Coin-Shaped Holders

For a unique look, place small ceramic or wooden tokens on the railing. Add a low shelf for decorative elements or to store keys and garden tools. You can also use these holders as a display center.

5. Add a Pergola

Build a pergola with wood or composite materials to add shade or shade from the sun. Add privacy with privacy screen panels or latticework for a charming look. Build the pergola large enough to hold a swing, outdoor bench, or chairs.

6. Choose Metal Balustrades

Metal balustrades are durable enough to last for years, so they are a great investment if you choose this option. Choose from aluminum, wrought iron, or steel, depending on the style you want. You can also have your metal balustrade powder coated in any color.

7. Create Landscape Elements

Save space and add interest by using landscape materials, such as stones, bricks, and cinder blocks to create layers of interest. Select unique elements that will set your railings apart from others. For example, you might want to use pieces of sculpture or unique stepping stones for your stairs.

8. Use Anchors

If your stair railing is made of wood, you can easily make it more secure by using bolts and anchors. They are beneficial if you have young children who may be prone to jumping. Choose from Miami Stainless high-effective stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic anchors to make your railing stronger.

9. Create a Stairway Shower

Add pizzazz with a shower that can be built into the railings. The shower uses the same metal type as the railings so that they will look seamless. To create an airy look, keep the shower glass clear to let the light shine through.

10. Try a Twisted Look

If you want a more artistic and unique railing, try twisting the wood. This style works well with any length and can be fun to do. It’s also a great way to use up scrap wood. You can even use shapes and sizes that match the railing.


There are so many ways to build beautiful railings that you’re sure to find a design that suits your home. It’s easy to add character and style with just a few simple touches

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