5 Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

5 Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

It becomes a dream to maintain white and shiny teeth as you become an adult person. Teeth start looking yellowish and somewhat stained due to poor oral hygiene, bad eating habits, and some other reasons. Teeth whitening cures can be expensive and many people try to avoid them.

What can you do to regain the natural charm of your teeth without visiting the dentist? Are there home remedies to remove teeth stains and yellowish layers? Yes, the following home remedies have shown great results. Try them to naturally whiten up your teeth.

Oil pulling:

Oil Pulling is one of the most trusted ways of improving oral hygiene. It is a traditional Indian home remedy known for removing toxins out of the body. This home remedy prevents plaque buildup and kills bacteria that may affect your oral hygiene.

Sesame and sunflower oils are widely used for oil pulling, but you can try other oils as well. Most health experts recommend coconut oil due to its health benefits and appealing taste. You can blend a little amount of coconut oil in clean water and then swish it in your mouth.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid that cures inflammation and kills oral bacteria. Coconut oil pulling will protect you against gingivitis, gum issues, plaque buildup, and it will also whiten your teeth. Therefore, it’s a trusted home remedy for teeth whitening.

Baking soda:

You can easily find baking soda in the kitchen if you like to use this ingredient in your cuisines. It is known for teeth whitening properties. That’s why it is present in various types of toothpaste and teeth whitening products.

Baking soda is quite abrasive and regular brushing with this ingredient allows you to scrub and remove teeth stains. It becomes more effective when you mix a few lemon drops. This blend will remove yellowish layers from your teeth, kill germs, and make your gums much healthier.

Many studies reveal baking soda is a crucial ingredient when it comes to fighting plaque and germs. That’s why modern toothpaste brands rely on this ingredient to offer what they claim. You can use it alone to get rid of dirty teeth stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Being a widely used bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide kills germs and improves oral health. People have used this ingredient as a cure to disinfect wounds for many years. You can also use it to whiten up your teeth and get rid of ugly teeth stains.

Check the ingredient list of your favorite toothpaste, you might find this ingredient in that toothpaste. You might not get exciting teeth whitening results if you brush your teeth only with hydrogen peroxide. Blend it with baking soda to prepare a thick paste and then brush your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide loosens tough teeth stains and also cleans the yellowish layer. Thus, you get whiter teeth. Use this home remedy two times a week and maintain proper oral hygiene. Thus, you will get optimum teeth whitening results.

What else you can do to maintain the natural shade of your teeth?

It’s a bit tough to maintain the natural white shade of teeth. Regular brushing is required to remove plaque and clean germs. You should brush once in the morning and once again in the evening. Reduce the intake of dark-shaded foods! Such foods affect the natural tone of your teeth and make them look yellower and stained.

You should add more fruits and veggies to your diet. Fruits and veggies provide vital nutrients to improve your health and also rub the plaque away. There are some more home remedies you can try to make those teeth whiter and more attractive.

Teeth whitening home remedies do not show instant results. You should try opalescence Whitening solutions if you want to remove dirty stains quickly. This product shows instant improvements and helps you in getting rid of ugly dental stains. It is better than spending a considerable amount of money on dental cleaning solutions!