A Complete Guide to Android Kiosk Mode

A Complete Guide to Android Kiosk Mode

In today’s world, manual services for business benefits in heavy-traffic areas are so passé. The SureLock kiosk mode for Android software is an invaluable tool used by individuals and enterprises across sectors like education, retail and field services, healthcare services, etc., across supported platforms like Android OS, Microsoft, Smartwatches, and Windows 10. Its Android Kiosk mode services help administrators deploy mobile devices with customized solutions.

Where to use it? 

The MDM SureLock kiosk mode for Android solution helps improve customer experience in stores, improve worker productivity while saving large amounts on infrastructure costs. Its ability to convert the off-the-shelf mobile devices into kiosks is successful in improving sales conversions too. In the worker and student communities, the kiosk software provides the worker and student focus by allowing secure access to multiple or single apps, quick and easy VR adoption, enhanced device and data security in punishing work environments and across a range of devices. Individuals can also use the platform to monitor, control, and restrict access to unauthorized data and apps.

How to use it? 

Some of its benefits are that you can say goodbye to unauthorized misuse of devices, data, and access while reducing downtime, maintenance costs, and providing driver safety. With 42Gears’ SureLock Android Kiosk mode lockdown software, deploying easily set-up scalable kiosks to gain better control over targeted devices and customers is easy, be they at home, workers, students, shopping customers, and more.

All it needs is to download the SureLock app from Google Play on your mobile and configure it. Just deploy it selectively across multiple supported devices as it easily integrates with software like Windows, WearOS and Android OS, and Linux. Now use those VR headphones, POS machines, smartwatches, tablets, and TV programs without fear of unauthorized access to apps and data. The kiosk solution has excellent 24/7 service, live chat services, and multiple language support in German and Italian, English, Spanish and French.

What can you do with it?

Here’s what you can do with it—lockout social media, games, etc., when kids are studying, or employees are at the office. Lock peripheral device settings, disable the camera, factory reset and screen-shot options, lock apps with passwords, and even analyze app analytics. SureLock provides you analytics without user input, use screen sharing to troubleshoot and track devices in real-time plus modify wallpapers, use the business logo as screen-lock, use (comma separated values) CSV files, export data analytics, and leverage the remotely controlled Sure MDM features.


42gears Android Kiosk mode SureLock is an empowering award-winning SaaS individual and enterprise platform for mobile device management that uses its SureMDM and SureLock solution features for device and data security in trying work environments and enables VR adoption. Its Kiosk mode for Android enables IT teams and multi-device owners to monitor, secure, and use a central console to manage varied endpoints. Now confidently control your worker’s and kid’s access to data and apps using the kiosk to stay remotely in control of all devices while using its analytics future to make your customized solution better!