One always wants to look beautiful in the eyes of any person they come across. As they grow older, people feel that they lose touch with their beauty, and to maintain their young face, they go to levels as extreme as to botox their faces to perfection. This method to stay there is surprisingly prevalent in showbiz, but many people in Brisbane do it for the sake of doing it, to look pretty. Brisbane is the capital city and the most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland. It is the third-most populated city in the country. But little do they know that botox has more negative side effects than anything. Although it is, after all, one’s choice to go through this process or not, it is beneficial to know what botox will do to you in the long run. Botox in Brisbane has become very popular, so it has become even more important to know its side effects to know what is best for you.


So botox is a kind of drug. It is called Botulinum toxin TYPE A. this treatment is done under the skin’s surface. It temporarily weakens the area’s muscles in which it is injected, giving a younger and flawless look. It erases your expression lines and wrinkles in that process too.


Although botox might have a lot of adverse side effects to make you demotivated or disinterested in getting a Botox, it brings along some positive changes in your face too,

  • Smooth skin –

Now, this is the reason why most people get botox. FYI, this smooth skin might only last about 6 – 7 months after the treatment, and if an already young person gets this, they might take less of this and last longer.

  • Welcome your younger-looking self –

It is a FACT that one skin will look younger even after you stop getting regular doses of Botox. So you will probably not have to worry about your face aging as you grow older, and in turn, it helps you keep up appearances in public or at home.

  • The slight possibility –

It has actually been seen in various studies that Botox has been used to treat DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. So if you tend to stay depressed, then you should look it up too. Getting a botox treatment might make you feel more confident as it elevates your appearance, which is the source of all confidence in many people out there.


Botox is NOT poisonous to one’s body, but that does not mean it does not have its share of adverse side effects.

  • It makes it difficult to laugh –

Know that Botox in Brisbane might make you look younger, but it takes away your ability to show expressions on your face. Many people have noticed that it becomes difficult to laugh or smile or even raise your eyebrows.

  • Makes your face very stiff –

Secondly, since it makes it challenging to show expressions, it makes your face very stiff and difficult to move. In a way, the face loses its flexibility which can be dealt with for quite some time, but in the long run, it will make you feel very uncomfortable, which is not how any human on this planet wants to live their life.

  • Opposite effect –

This is mentioned here because botox is usually done for adorning your face with perfection, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. How? Well, because it gives you droopy eyes and crooked eyebrows. Which is not exactly the definition of a stereotypical perfect face.

  • Uncomfortably at its best –

There is pain at the injection site, and it may also swell and it causes eye dryness and pain. It might also give one headache or flu symptoms. And being sick is not the best thing one can do to oneself, especially when one is NOT sick.

It is always good to know what is essential for oneself, but the advice is that you are perfect the way you are. Changing yourself to look pretty is the same as not accepting who you indeed are. But everyone has their reasons, and this is why here is an article to help you understand what you truly want.