Create The Cutest Nursery for Your Baby Possible with Peel And Stick Wallpaper

wallpaper for nursery
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As a parent you always want what is best for your baby. The baby’s nursery is no exception. You desire is to create the most adorable nursery for the baby. Well, you have to make the cutest environment for it. This will include the use of wallpapers and not just any kind of wallpapers but self-adhesive wallpapers. The aim is to create not only the cutest nursery but also the most comfortable environment for the baby. Therefore, we are going to look at different factors in order to create the best possible nursery for a baby using peel and stick wallpapers.

Is peel and stick wallpaper safe for nursery?

In terms of safety, you should be very careful not to cause harm to your baby. It is good to know that all removable wallpaper designs use an odorless latex ink that is non-toxic. However, you should be careful with the quality of wallpaper that you buy. Some low-quality wallpaper contains residual vinyl chloride monomer, which will slowly evaporate which may lead to long term health risk on the baby. Another risk might come from the softeners used on PVC which may be absorbed on the skin through contact. For that reason, you should be careful with the quality of peel and stick wallpapers that you buy.

Now you decide that you want to use peel and stick wallpaper for your baby’s nursery and you get yourself the right quality that satisfy you. How do you do it? How will you decorate the baby’s nursery using peel and stick wallpaper?

Preparing the wall

First pick the right tools for the job e.g., scissors, sap off blade, pencil, felt tip squeegee a sand paper and a level/straight edge. Remove all the furniture and wipe the wall thoroughly using a wet cloth and for it to dry. Remove all the face palates like switches or sockets. Check the wall and make sure there are no big bumps or holes. You should sandpaper the wall to achieve a smooth surface before going to the next step.


Lay the wallpaper for nursery in a position ready to apply to the wall. This best done on an open room on the floor. If you have the right quality, they will be labeled on the top on how to arrange them on the wall. Stick them on the wall according to their arrangement starting on the middle so as to avoid an overlap. To achieve this, you have to use your straight edge, pencil and other tools for measuring. Use the felt tip squeegee to squeegee the wallpaper on the wall. Use the sap off blade to cut to the edges perfectly.


Peel and stick wallpaper is a popular option for those who want to decorate their walls, but don’t have the time or money to hire professional designers. If you are looking to revamp your baby’s room with new wallpaper, baby wall mural peel and stick can be a great choice! The best part is that you can easily remove it when you want to change the look of your baby’s room in the future. This article offers some ideas of what types of designs you can use.


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