Discourse Is An Essential Solution In The Age Of Animosity

Discourse Is An Essential Solution In The Age Of Animosity

It is noticeable that people today suffer from hatred and malice because of what is happening nowadays around the world. As a result, a large part of human beings became divided and isolated, and their views became extremist and unrealistic. 

Perhaps the most important question is, can we bring the distance between people closer and make them accept differences without the need for conflicts? Is there a way to help us build a bridge that declines the gap between them? Yes, that is possible through dialogue! Today we need to talk to each other and exchange ideas to build a better world. For this reason, many sites have emerged that encourage the spread of ideas, such as TheDoe.

Dialogue is a means by which ideas and opinions are put forward between groups of people, or even between just two people, on an important issue. Each side presents its evidence in an attempt to persuade the other.

Since the world today is not stable, peace must be promoted. Human rights must be respected and justice must be pursued throughout the earth. Peace does not stop at a specific time, but it is a lofty goal that we must make every effort to achieve among the various cultures of the world.

 It has become necessary to work on spreading the concept of dialogue and inviting people to stay away from violence and work towards rapprochement. Humans must stop spreading hatred and racism and avoid insulting different beliefs and diverse groups. People must know that they are equal wherever they are and whatever the nature of their affiliations. We should encourage honest interaction so that everyone expresses their concerns freely and their ideas smoothly. This will create dynamism in the world and make people understand each other. Thus, we will narrow the gap, and people will be harmonious. With that fusion, the world will surely become better.

Dialogue has many advantages. It contributes to convincing the other of a specific point of view or may present new information. And sometimes it plays a role in correcting wrong or distorted views of a subject. For example, some people believe that a particular religion incites violence. But through dialogue, facts that show the truth of that religion can be presented, and the opponents’ point of view might change later on. In other words, the truth becomes clearer through dialogue because it refutes fallacies with arguments. 

Dialogue strengthens the human personality and makes dealing with and listening to others better. When a person talks to others, he/she becomes able to accept criticism without any violent or savage reaction aimed at imposing his or her own opinion on the opponents. Therefore, dialogue leads to the maturity of a human being.

Dialogue is the most appropriate solution to any problem, as it prevents it from increasing in complexity. Because solving the problem at its beginning will be easier than solving it when it has worsened. Here, the importance of dialogue emerges. 

On the other hand, dialogue increases interdependence between people and eliminates negative feelings.