Discover Top Container Tracking Software to Invest in 2021 for Effective Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Discover Top Container Tracking Software to Invest in 2021 for Effective Real-Time Shipment Tracking

The most critical factor that impacts supply chain management undoubtedly is cargo tracking. While freight is in transit, customers should get periodical updates regarding the current status and location of the shipment. Today organizations have access to cutting-edge cargo tracking software that provides an extra layer of security for ensuring that your goods reach their ultimate destination in perfect condition without any damages. Real-time container tracking seems to be a necessity and should be considered by all responsible supply chain professionals. According to Statista, maritime shipping is certainly the backbone of global trade, and around 80% of all products are transported via sea.

Until the last few years, steady monitoring of all global freights used to be a laborious and time-consuming process. However, currently, with the latest advancements in technology, things have become pretty simple and you can track the exact location and condition of your containers. It ensures the much-desired visibility into the overall supply chain operations. Today thanks to cutting-edge container tracking systems help to provide timely updates on each stage in the freight movement. It helps you in proactively dealing with delays and rerouting. Today you can easily rely on CMA container tracking to ensure your products’ security.

With an increasing number of organizations rapidly switching to automated container tracking systems or solutions, we have witnessed a boom of such software today. Here are some of the best tools for container tracking that may be suitable for your organization.

GoComet Container Tracking Software

GoComet’s container tracking software is a perfect software solution for tracking consistently your international shipments on a single unified dashboard in real-time. The module is best for auto-capturing even the slightest movement of your freight, evaluating your carrier performance, or even sending automated updates straight away to your inbox on each occasion your cargo is successful in achieving a journey milestone. GoComet Container Tracking Software provides you with actionable insights and helps enhance overall customer experience, and ensuring unprecedented transparency.


Cogoport provides container shipment tracking with transparency and convenience. It is best for facilitating enhanced customer relationships. You can see a constant display of detailed information such as carrier details and addresses, comprehensive tracking history including time, location, and condition of shipment. Moreover, the original and updated shipment ETA will be displayed constantly on the dashboard. You may even consider tracking packages not necessarily created within Cogoport. This, it becomes easier for you to keep monitoring all your container shipments from one single dashboard.


Alpega provides a reusable cloud-based packaging solution that facilitates real-time container shipment transparency and visibility throughout the entire transportation process. You can keep monitoring your cargo right from scheduling to fee settlement and tracking arrivals in an automated manner. You have easy access to your cargo movement details. Alpega is best for meticulous details and traceability of every step in the process using serial numbers. Moreover, identification technologies like RFID or barcode could help in distinguishing every container clearly.


We have discussed only a few popular container tracking software solutions. The market is currently swamped with cutting-edge container freight tracking software that helps you track and trace all your shipments in real-time. You can provide your customers all the necessary details right from scheduling to arrival information thanks to these cutting-edge tracking software solutions.