Dog Couch Covers: Everything You Need To Know About Protecting The Couch

Dog Couch Covers: Everything You Need To Know About Protecting The Couch

The last things you want on the couch cover are remnants of pet poop, stains of urine, and pet dander. Every homeowner dreams of investing in stylish couches for the living room, bedroom, or study. However, choosing a cover for the couch is where all the challenges lie. Your love for pets can take a toll on the texture of the cover and damage it from the inside.

Before buying a dog couch cover, you need to know the reasons for using it. Can it protect your couch or protect it from the invasion of pests?  Read the points below to find out more.

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    Covers keep the couch clean

No matter how much you are in love with the dogs, they are going to be messy all the time. You can hardly prevent the dog from rubbing drool or walking on the couch with muddy paws. Moreover, food crumbs getting inside the cracks and crevices may cause havoc. The ultimate solution you need for protecting the couch is to use an appropriate dog cover.

  • Chewing the corners and seams

The dogs prefer chewing the corners of the couches and often rip them apart. Therefore, if you are planning to use a couch cover for beautifying the furniture, think again. With dog couch covers, you and shield the seams and corners and prevent the messy creatures from chewing into them.

  • Protection from dog’s nails

One of the biggest reasons you may require buying a dog cover is to protect the expensive material of the couch from nail marks. Even if you trim the dog’s nails regularly, it may not help in protecting the couch from scratch marks.

  • Protect your old couch

If you do not have a set of furniture that is dog-friendly and keen to protect your good old couch, using a dog cover helps in protecting the furniture from the nail marks, and eventually stops them from tearing it. A cloth-based fiber may be hard to tear when compared with the other options.

The couch cover may not help much in protecting the furniture from pet dander and may only help to a certain extent.

Dog covers to choose from:
  • Soft Polyester and stretchable cover

You can get this cover in various sizes of couches. The material is soft and skin-friendly. Despite the softness of the material, it is durable and is less likely to suffer from damage due to the dog’s nails and would not succumb to damage. It is a good option for covering the couch if you have dogs at home.

  • Quilted cover

This is a hundred percent polyester fabric and is tough and durable. Moreover, it is mess and water-resistant. You can also get the option of covering the arms of the couch with this cover and it is machine-washable.

  • Waterproof couch cover

The best you can do to protect the couch from dogs is to use a waterproof cover. Moreover, it will also prevent the dog from scratching the sofa with a nail and tearing it up faster.

Whether you have short-haired breeds at home or huskies, buying a suitable couch cover provides added protection to the furniture. Make sure the cover is machine washable and offers good value for money.