Don’t Wait, Create: The Perfect Gift to Guide You Through Content Creating

Don’t Wait, Create: The Perfect Gift to Guide You Through Content Creating

Content creation has become the new nine-to-five job, and reaching a large audience has never been easier. In Erica Barry’s new book, Don’t Wait, Create, you can learn how to publicize your content and expand or build your brand.

With the new year approaching, it makes for the perfect time to finally do what you have been pushing under the rug. Influencers are the modern-day corporate worker. However, because of all the benefits of influencing, the industry is easily one of the most competitive right now. With Barry’s guide to content creation, you’ll be able to accelerate your brand faster than ever before.

Curating those pesky wish lists that happen every year in December can be daunting and overwhelming. Of course, gift cards can be lovely, but there is always something more niche you can get for your loved one – or better yet, yourself!

Books are a timeless gift. They can range from fiction to nonfiction to biographies. But with every category, there is always something to learn. Erica Barry shares her secrets, tips, and tricks with readers on how social media is strategic and anyone can succeed.

Today’s generation understands the power content creating has. But what most people don’t know is how easy it can be to flourish online.

“They think it’s just a shot in the dark. But no, if you consistently show up for your audience then people who need that content will find you,” Barry tells Sheesh Magazine. “And it’s so easy to be like ‘I only have 1000 followers’ but if you actually imagine sitting in a room with 1000 people listening to you – that’s serious and would probably make you nervous!”

Numbers can feel like the most essential part of becoming a content creator. But Erica Barry explains that that is not the case. Instead, engagement is crucial and necessary to make your way up to those vast numbers eventually.

New Year’s resolutions are always a fun way to keep yourself on track for the rest of the year. However, it’s time to stop putting off your dream to become an influencer and make a brand for yourself. In Don’t Wait, Create, Barry offers an easy-to-follow guide on how you can achieve your goals. Even if it is someone you know who has been contemplating on influencing, this book is a perfect gift to give them that extra boost they need to fulfill those dreams.

Even if you don’t want to take our word for it, listen to Max Levine, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and founder of Amp Studios: “We live in an era where a single person can build a larger platform than some of the world’s biggest companies. Don’t Wait, Create sheds light on how the world is changing around us.”

You can start fresh in 2022 with a new platform or build off the one you have now. Barry’s primary goal is to show her audience that her success is obtainable. It takes specific strategies to boost your content into the algorithms and wait for the numbers to roll in.

Make this holiday season the start of your new career. With the flip of a page, you can learn how to create content, dodge online haters easily, and reach your audience – all of the content-creating essentials. This digital media-creating crash course is bundled up all in one book.

Winter is almost here, and so is the new year. Barry’s advice to go viral, gain thousands of followers, and ensure engagement is all wrapped into one book, Don’t Wait, Create. So, sit by a fire, grab your book, and plan your future as a self-made influencer – the world is waiting for you.