Experiencing the Culture of Los Angeles

Experiencing the Culture of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is internationally famous for being the home of the rich and famous.  It’s more than just stars and glamour, though!  At the heart of this city are a love of culture, a need to share art, and some of the best creative minds you’ll ever see.

These are the top ways to experience the culture of Los Angeles.

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The Getty  

Chances are, if you’ve asked for directions while looking for Los Angeles homes for sale, you may have heard phrases like “that’s about five miles from The Getty” or, “you drive towards the Getty until…” because it’s such an important landmark in the city.  

This free art exhibit and gallery is one of the largest art centers in America.  Pulling in 1.8 million visitors every year, this exhibit shows off creative talent, old and new, and shows that art really should have a place in every life.  

The building itself is sharp and modern, looking like it was carved out of slabs of stone and glass.  The exhibits change and rotate, so don’t be surprised if you find something new every time you return!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The LA County Museum of Art is an experience unlike any other before you even walk into the building.  Focusing on modern arts, ranging from Japanese to Islamic subjects, you can view many different pieces that each have their place in history while learning about the shifts in attitude towards art over the last thousand years.

Every piece in this museum is breathtaking, and it wouldn’t be hard to find yourself spending days looking through the exhibits.  

Griffith Observatory

This sky-viewing facility in LA overlooks the city on one side and peers over the Pacific Ocean on its other.

Built-in 1935, admission is free to come in and learn about space and science while also gaining an incredible view of Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign.  This building is still gorgeous, looking like a piece of art perched above the city.

The Huntington Library, Museum, and Botanical Gardens

This amalgamation of things is also known simply as The Huntington, offering art and educational research to anyone who visits.  An extensive library provides thousands of books to choose from and leads out to a beautiful art museum and some of the most breathtaking gardens you’ll ever see.

Every inch of every building that’s part of the Huntington is there to shed light on the human condition and leave you inspired to create and learn.

Santa Monica Pier

This pier is one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles, recognized easily by its Ferris wheel and rollercoaster. 

A massive structure with an amusement park, multiple shops, concessions, delicious treats, and areas where you can fish and enjoy looking out at the open waters., this space is at its most lively in the summer, but if you visit in the winter, almost everything is still available to enjoy.

Los Angeles may be famous for being famous: but the culture here proves it’s worthy of that notoriety!