Growing Your Blog in 2022 – How to Monetize It

Growing Your Blog in 2022 - How to Monetize It

Blogging today has moved on from the beginner ones, which were majorly about putting up a personal story. Instead, people are looking to monetize their blogs more – this is one of the ways your blog will grow. In 2022, you won’t see a major shift in how to monetize blogs. However, there will be new ideas, as already seen by this year’s trends. So it would help if you had the ideas in mind to grow your blog in 2022 and monetize it. Below are some of the ideas you can use to monetize your blog.

Create Content

The first thing you can do to monetize your blog is to sell your service there. What better way can you do that than creating immense content? Initially, the idea would have been to write, but you can create several other types of content today. If you are going to advertise your writing services, you need to create quality content all through. You can then use them as samples to sell your service as a base for other monetizing ideas on the blog. You will need to niche down, though, if anyone is to take you seriously.

Sell EBooks

Are you an expert on something, for example, like those King Kong Co online marketing experts? Those guys sell a book called “Sell Like Crazy” and it’s an amazing read! If you are, and you already have a blog up, you can use it to sell eBooks, or even paperback books. Then, once you have a huge following, you can sell these eBooks to them. Since you have a rapport built, they will trust you enough to buy from you. EBooks are complicated to create, and you only need to have an excellent graphic designer for the cover. Once you have your eBook, it will show if your audience has enough faith in you to buy what you’re selling. They are also low-risk than trying to sell expensive products on your site.

Affiliate Marketing

Another idea that is growing as the years move on is affiliate marketing. You will need to have the right programs, though, to make good money from it. The following you also need to trust what you are saying on the blog to buy. Most of the companies, especially the SaaS ones, offer affiliate programs – other businesses offer the program. Once you join in, you can be part of the bloggers who make money through this. Around 15% of the digital market revenue is from affiliate marketing.

Banner Ads

You have probably visited thousands of sites by now and seen some with various ads on. Despite the hate these ads get, they continue being popular as they are effective. So if you have a huge following on the site, you can use that to your advantage. The fastest way to monetize using this strategy is by hopping on to Google AdSense and signing up. Several bloggers are making upwards of $50 per day on display ads alone. They don’t even have to lift their hands for this.

Monetizing Your Blog

If you are looking to grow your blog and monetize it, these are the ideal strategies you can use to do that. The best thing about some of them is that they are solid passive income streams.