How to Clean Your Window Blinds Fast?

How to Clean Your Window Blinds Fast?

There are certain entities in our house that we either forget to clean or avoid cleaning. Examples include fan blades, switchboards, windowsills, and last but not least window blinds.

The bad news is that if you keep avoiding the cleaning job, you’ll one day need to deal with a far worse situation. The good news is that if you are slightly strategic, you might finish these often avoided or forgotten cleaning tasks without much fuss.

This write-up would educate you about cleaning window blinds quickly and effectively. Following these tips will keep your LA custom blinds shiny and attractive for years to come.

The Cleaning Process 

To clean your window blinds, you’ll need the following items:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Clean sock
  • Vacuum cleaner equipped with the upholstery attachment
  • White vinegar
  • Blinds duster (optional)

You should decide on the cleaning method depending on how dirty or dusty the blinds are. Begin the process by closing the window blinds. Wipe them down gently using the microfiber cloth. Your strokes should move from top to bottom. If you have horizontal blinds on your window, the movement should be side to side.

Once the above step is over, open the blinds and repeat the cleaning action with the microfiber cloth. Next, close them in the opposite direction and clean the other side.

Once you are done with manual cleaning, switch on the vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery attachment to get rid of the remaining dust, dirt, and debris from the blinds.

The two above-mentioned methods should clean the blinds satisfactorily if you clean them regularly. However, if the blinds are excessively dirty and have stains, you’ll need to clean them using a cleaning solution.

Mix water with an equal portion of white vinegar. Slip your hand inside a clean sock and soak it into the vinegar solution. Get rid of the excess solution by wringing the sock. Use your sock-covered hand to remove the stubborn dirt and stains from the blinds by holding each blade tightly. Keep them open for some time to allow them to dry completely.

If your blinds require deep cleaning, remove them entirely from the windows and soak them in a dish soap solution. Ideally, you should prepare the solution in a large tub (preferably your bathtub). That’s because you’ll need a large space for soaking the blinds entirely.

Things to Remember 

If you want to ensure that the cleaning process is not too lengthy, you must clean the blinds regularly. For best results, try cleaning them at least once every fortnight. For increasing the longevity of the blinds, you should avoid spraying sticky sprays like hairspray or air fresheners near them. Over time, those sprays can result in the deposition of residue and damage the material of the blinds.

Final Words 

If you have plans of installing window blinds in your house, make sure you invest in high-quality pieces. This will make maintenance and cleaning less troublesome for you. Just regular dusting would be enough for keeping them in good shape for a long time.