How To Look After The Kids When You’re Busy Working From Home

How To Look After The Kids When You’re Busy Working From Home

Working from home can be a challenge at the best of times with endless distractions like the TV and the fridge, but when your kids are off school or nursery, things can get all the more difficult. Below, we’ve put together some tips for helping you balance the two responsibilities.

Let them play independently 

Encouraging your children to play independently can be good for their development. Rest assured, it’s perfectly okay to let your child play alone, even at a young age; just make sure you’re nearby to monitor them (or turn on a baby monitor to see what’s going on in the next room). Independent play can help to build your child’s confidence and creativity, as well as their problem-solving skills and allows them to self-regulate. From playing with blocks and LEGO to creating an imaginary friend or hosting a teddy bear’s picnic, they’ll have lots of fun.

Give them some extra TV time 

We all know that kids love spending their free time sitting in front of a television watching their favourite shows – so let them! Although too much television can be bad for kids, an hour or two of free kids cartoons isn’t going to cause any harm – in fact, some shows can be very educational and teach important life lessons like spelling, good manners, and cooking. Put on their favourite television channel or let them use the YouTube Kids app and they’ll keep quiet for an hour or two whilst you crack on with an important business meeting. If you’re worried about them spending too much time in front of a screen, set up a screen time app.

Encourage educational activities 

Where possible, encourage your child to do something that’s both fun and educational. It could be something as simple as reading a book or revising for an exam or even doing something creative like making their own volcano that allows them to develop their geography skills. Always try to supervise if possible – set up your workstation in their bedroom or playroom and you can be there to answer any questions they might have. 

Invite friends around 

Finally, another good way to encourage kids to have some fun when you’re working from home is to invite their friends to come over to play. Not only will they have someone else to interact with, but it’ll allow you to spend more time focusing on your day-to-day work, and the best part is that, if you play your cards right, their parents might offer to take your children from time to time, too! Parents have to stick together and help one another out, right!?

Do you have any other tips? Let us know and check back soon for the latest!