My experience of learning public speaking

When I was in high school, I was too bad to talk in public. This is why I had faced some problems when I was there to give a presentation and viva exam. But later, I have decided to take public speaking training online. And from that day, I have started to see how I have changed my fade and what is happening with me. In this article, I will share my experience of learning public speaking.

Platform and resource

Trust me, and I never went to any school or coaching to learn public speaking. All I take advantage from the internet. I have to use to learn public speaking. This is a complete website to know this extraordinary skill. Besides that, I have used YouTube and other websites to make me motivated. This is true that my brother supports me a lot.

Regular practice and observation

I did not balance only the resource. I also practice a lot. Each day at least 2 hours I spent practicing. I use my mirror to see myself. And the most important thing is, I record my practicing video. After the practice, I saw those videos and started to judge me where I made the mistakes. And all those complex works are returning to me as gems. And now I have a good result.

It took me 3 months only to become a perfect public speaker. After that, I talked about place, stage, and program, and now I am a successful corporate job holder. I have participated in many programs each year, and in all those programs, I have to talk to people. This public speaking skill helps me a lot. All the people who want to make their position in the corporate sector in the leading role should have this skill.


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