Sales and Customer Service Should Work Together to Benefit Your Retail Business- A Discussion by Eric Dalius

Sales and Customer Service Should Work Together to Benefit Your Retail Business- A Discussion by Eric Dalius

At present, a lot of retail businesses are challenged with numerous difficulties, which are far more severe than keeping clients or customers happy. It is much easier and cheaper than ever to start a new business at present. With a plethora of subscription models and payment options, it is much easier to start using or switching to a new product and/or service; having a wide variety of social media followers available at their fingertips, the customers hold the biggest power to let others know about your business — that can be good or bad, depending on the efforts that you have put in in your retail business.

Eric Dalius Explains the Relation between Sales and customers service-

With so many options available at present for the customer, a minor mistake in the service/product that they receive can bring down the reputation of the company and give even your loyal customers to switch to your competitor’s company. This can be the result of selling a product to a notorious customer who has the reputation of finding flaws in everything that is on offer or when expectations of the customers are not met. Whatever be the case, this can be dealt with in a better way if sales and customer services are allowed to work together.

According to Eric Dalius, this can be achieved when you, as an important member of the company, get customer service training for your employees. However, for training, you need insight or data to work on and that you can achieve with the help of people countering the door.

Eric Dalius’s thoughts on the sales team 

First and foremost, salespeople should invest some of their time in building customer relationships. When salespeople interact with an already existing customer, it boosts the confidence of the customer, and they remain loyal to the company until they find a much better alternative. There can also be instances when a customer would recommend the service/products of the company to their friends and family members. This sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!

Secondly, the customer service employees must be fully aware of the sales process. Eric Dalius says that if a salesperson encounters any issue during the sales process that might impact the future relationship between the client and the business, it is important to let the customer service representative know about this so that there aren’t any future surprises left for them. Expectations need to be set properly between both teams.

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