Significance Of Leading The Team

Significance Of Leading The Team

The research found that employees spend 50% more time on collaborative work. An effective team is built with productive collaboration, and collaboration is one of the top four skills required for employee progress. Gallup has identified three types of employees based on engagement: Engaged, Disengaged, and actively disengaged employees. All these types of employees differently affect the outcomes, among which actively disengaged ones are considered the most challenging type of employees.

The team members possessing a bad attitude towards their colleagues can never contribute to effective team building. They may refuse to compromise, share ideas, and support project-related tasks, which can cause fragmentation of projects with a poor approach.

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Questions To Ponder While Building And Leading Your Team

With every individual’s best effort, teams are built so that they can work harmoniously. Leaders need to emphasize team building as it makes the process of providing guidance and training easier than ever. This is because team building is a continuous process that acts as a motivation key for every team member. An effective team can be built only after considering the following aspects:

  • Is there any conflict between the teammates that may lead to division?
  • Do team members understand one another?
  • Do the team is working supportively for their goals?
  • Do they need to be trained on how to work collaboratively?
  • Do any employees affect the group’s progress?

Points To Consider While Leading Your Team

When building and leading the team, a leader should consider the points given below. Serial entrepreneurs like Amine Larhrib always have the required strength and motivation to lead their teams.

  • Explain the purpose to whom you are delegating the task.

To get what you expect, you’ve to explain the purpose to the person to whom you delegate the tasks. Moreover, you should provide the right instructions to accelerate the process. This also proves that you’ve faith in their skill sets. Amine Larhrib CryptalDash is the best example when we say the right leader in scaling the business from the start by delegating tasks. When you explain the purpose, you let them understand the relevance of it and boost their confidence.

  • Inspire your team.

According to a Gallup study, the business profitability is increased by 21% when the teams are highly engaged. High engagement can be only achieved when the teams are inspired and motivated. Gallup’s study concludes that only 15% of employees worldwide are feeling motivated. This simply implies that there are various points at which an employee may lose his motivation. Leaders have various options to motivate the employees effectively.

  • Spending time with the team.

For the proper guidance of the team, leaders have to spend more time with the team. Spending time with the team enables leaders to understand their teammates’ ambitions. Also, it will support their team and motivate them in hard situations to reach a goal.


True leaders like Richard Branson always take care of their team as their priority. This is one of the most important reasons behind their success.