The Opinion About Playing Different Musical Genres on the Piano

The Opinion About Playing Different Musical Genres on the Piano

When you live in Plainview, NY, you cannot keep yourself untouched by its musical atmosphere. And one of the reasons for your newly sparked interest in piano lessons can also be this. After all, everyone loves and appreciates the piano. Plus, you can play almost any song on it from the global musical repertoire across various genres. Still, you may doubt whether piano supports all music styles. The question becomes more pertinent if you want to learn any specific genre. Well, everyone knows that learning any other instrument becomes relatively easier after getting a grip over the piano. Similarly, most music genres and melodies are easy to play on this.  Hence, you need not worry about this.

The various music styles to play on the piano

Classical music

It is one of the leading piano music styles, which gives you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Earlier, piano training heavily depended on classical music. Many teachers still follow this method. As soon as you discover a neighborhood school after searching for “find piano instructors near me in Plainview, NY” online, you can ask the trainer if they teach classical music. Since most reputed schools cover this, you will have enough options to pick.

Rap and R&B

Generally, rappers and R&B singers admire all types of music for their vast understanding of the subject and musical culture. These people use different musical references to compose music in any other genre. If you are aware, rap and R&B have their origin in jazz. Since jazz is also quite popular as classical piano, you get a unique variety to test on this instrument. The specific style can be advantageous if you are looking for improvisation.


Electronic music made an appearance in the 1970s. It received a lot of criticism – some labeled it as anti-music. Then, there was a belief that it suits non-musicians more; they can produce the sound on a computer and don’t require the actual instrument. It can be surprising to learn that electronic music is also adaptable on the piano. Its musical structure has similarities with the classical. At the same time, the notes are also pretty versatile.

Pop and variety music

This music style is again easy to play on the piano for different levels of pianists. With this genre, the students can increase their musical expertise. Today, you listen to plenty of musical pieces online. With the variety of music, you can play the original style while adding your personality to it. Since pop and variety music get worldwide appreciation, you can have an interest in this. Elton John and many other players are well-known for their knack for universal music references. You can take inspiration from them.

So, what are the final words?

Some music genres are not compatible with the piano, particularly the noisy ones. These include minimal techno, trans, and hard-tech. These unique musical styles can be challenging to achieve even with a deep understanding of major scales, sight-reading, and more. Hence, if you ask whether you can play any music style on this instrument, the simple answer would be a no. Still, it doesn’t defy the fact that the piano is a rich instrument. Studies show that nearly 90 to 95% of the musical universe is accessible on the piano.

From classical to jazz to blue to variety to rock and tango, the list is endless. And each style affects the style of instruction too. Nevertheless, no matter what type or level of piano playing you try, regular practicing will be the key to progress. The length of the practice session can be only 30 minutes a day. But it should get your whole focus regardless of what you are learning, chord progression, concerto, arpeggio, octave, etc.

So, find out a good music school in your Plainview neighborhood and get started. If you don’t have any particular musical preference, let the teacher guide you. With prior experience, you can seek admission in an intermediate or advanced course. Still, it would be better to opt for beginner’s classes if there is a significant gap between your piano playing experience. Of course, your local tutors can recommend the best path based on your expertise. Hence, no matter what questions or doubts you have, don’t hesitate to speak to them with an open mind.

From paying attention to the posture to picking the right piano notes to playing songs and scales, a Plainview teacher can help you with every aspect of the instrument. You can use the training period to understand how far you wish to go ahead with this. Whether you carve a career out of it or treat it as an added talent, you can decide its place in your life as you walk along the journey. Anyway, when consulting with your piano teacher, you can precisely inquire about the type of musical genre they teach to avoid any surprise for later.

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