The Role of Uncles and Aunts in Raising Grandchildren

The Role of Uncles and Aunts in Raising Grandchildren

When growing up, most people desire to grow up with the whole clan within their reach. Numerous reports suggest that by growing up around family, especially the extended family, one’s chances of being able to navigate society are highly improved. Having family members around is always good since they tend to play different roles in our lives, like offering advice, among others. But most people tend to downplay the roles played by uncles and aunts in raising grandchildren, with most of us only remembering their existence when it comes to buying baby boy clothes. So, this article will help you understand the roles that uncles and aunts play in raising grandchildren.

Role Models

As a parent, one thing you’ll learn after your children pass that stage where they depend on you for everything is that they never want to be like you. Most children find their parents boring and old-fashioned, so they’ll look elsewhere for role models.

Of course, you shouldn’t take this reaction as an offense, but that’s always how it is, and this is where the uncles and aunts come to play. To most grandchildren, uncles and aunts always seem cool hence they try really hard to be like them in every aspect.

Second Parents

Uncles and aunts play a very big role in the lives of their grandchildren as they tend to act as their secondary guardians. Whenever the parents are away, be it for business or any other reason, uncles and aunts usually step in and fill that gap.

As you know, leaving your grandchildren alone at home can be quite risky, so the uncles and aunts can act as practical help by helping the grandchildren with their Homework, buying baby boy clothes, preparing meals, or taking the grandkids to their doctor appointments.

Trusted Advisors and Confidants

It’s quite honest to say that as a child, most people find it very hard to talk to their parents about things that make them uncomfortable. So, in such a scenario, uncles and aunts happened to be the go-to option for advice and confide in such situations. It’s from the uncles and aunts that the grandchildren get an adult’s perspective and listening ear on issues affecting them.

Extra Provider

Aunts and uncles act as extra providers to their grandchildren, especially on items or services that the grandchildren don’t want their parents to know about. For example, if a grandchild wants to buy a baby boy clothes, it’s quite hard for them to approach their parents for help since they are afraid of the questions or reactions; hence, they turn to their uncles and aunts for help.

Also, at certain times the parents might not be able to afford certain things, let’s say, a school trip. In such a case, the uncles and aunts can step in and front of the grandchildren with the money.

For a long time, the role of aunts and uncles in raising grandchildren has been downplayed. But that shouldn’t be so since they play a big role in our lives. Also, some of the best moments people have are with their aunts and uncles. Long live uncles and aunts.