Tips for Fixing Your San Diego Gutters Before You Sell Your Home

Tips for Fixing Your San Diego Gutters Before You Sell Your Home

As homeowners in San Diego, we really don’t need to worry about too much in terms of weather. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your gutters. This is especially true if you’re working on selling your home. Top San Diego real estate agents would agree. Our California city does have its rainy periods, and making sure that your gutters are functioning properly and well is crucial to the integrity of your home. Before you go ahead and list your house on the market, make sure that the gutters are working properly with these tips from us.

Make Sure that They Are Cleaned Out

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that your gutters are totally cleared of leaves, debris, and other things that can cause a clog. Gutters that are filled with these things aren’t going to be able to allow water to flow freely through them. This can inhibit proper drainage and can leave your home susceptible to water damage and flooding. Further, if water isn’t able to flow through your gutters without issue, the overall integrity of your gutter can also be compromised.

Inspect for Any Leaks or Rust

Once your gutters are fully cleaned out, you can then go forward with making sure that they don’t have any leaks, holes, rust, dents, or anything that can inhibit them from functioning the way they are supposed to. Go through the entire gutters system, especially the joints, and carefully inspect for any issues. If you do find them, see if they are repairable. If the holes are too large, there is a significant amount of rust, or if there is a significant amount of leakage, you might want to consider totally replacing your gutter system.

Check for Sagging

Another common issue with gutters is the fact that they can start to sag and bend. This is oftentimes the result of both wear and tear and not keeping up with cleaning. Sagging gutters are a result of the gutter material breaking free from your roof’s fascia, and putting it back together is oftentimes an easy fix. You’ll want to remove the old gutter spikes and replace them with new ones. This will allow you to reattach the gutter to the wood and get it looking and functioning the way that it should.

Update Your Entire Gutter if Outdated

Sometimes, even if you totally clean out your gutter, keep up to date with holes and rust, and are good with maintenance, an old gutter is an old gutter. If this is the case, you might want to consider totally replacing what you currently have. If you’re planning on selling your home, a whole new gutter system can likely come with a high return on investment. Do some digging on gutters that are suggested for people who are considering selling their home and hire a contractor to get the job done.

Before you list your San Diego home on the market, make sure that your gutter is working properly and isn’t going to be something that doesn’t pass an inspection. There are a lot of ways to repair broken gutters, but don’t hesitate to totally replace them if necessary.


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