Tips on Storing CBD Pet Treats

Tips on Storing CBD Pet Treats

The CBD market has been growing for more than a decade, as humanity has finally got scientific confirmation of the health benefits of hemp (although it has been unofficially known for millennia). So it’s superfluous to talk about the benefits of cannabidiol since you can know absolutely nothing about it only if you have lived on a desert island for the past ten years.

The number of pet owners interested in this natural remedy is growing day by day. It’s a positive sign for the CBD pet niche to develop and enrich the product offering for your four-legged friends. Besides oils and tinctures, CBD edibles are also very popular. They are a great way to give your picky dog ​​or cat a dose of cannabidiol without them even noticing.

You can find various forms of these edibles on the market – soft chews, kibbles, infused pet-friendly spreads (like peanuts or almond butter), etc. When choosing treats, one should consider things like CBD quantity, price, product origin, etc. More instructions are listed on this source. Also, you must not forget to store these products, especially if you are buying larger quantities.

Avoid Heat and Light Exposure

Learning how to store CBD pet treats is critical to maximizing the shelf life of these potent health supplements. In addition to studying the specific recommendations for each product, it’s important to consider general storage practices for hemp goods. One common knowledge is that heat and light can ruin CBD molecules, so exposing infused treats to these factors is unnecessary.

Heat damage is usually the main culprit of the ineffective application of CBD treats. It speeds up CBD breakage and can spoil the taste of these pet goodies. Exposure to the Sun or artificial light will also diminish the potency of hemp products dramatically.

It’s best to keep these products away from direct light and heat sources. Keep these treats in the dark places, such as your cupboard or cabinet, in a room with a stable temperature. Avoid kitchen or bathroom as there can be significant temperature changes and moisture.

Use Proper Storage Container

Most pet treats are sold in packages that aren’t suitable for long-term storage, like plastic bags or jars. These are good until they remain unopened. But once you open them, they can’t be resealed. It is best to know what products you are buying so that you don’t waste money.

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You can’t prevent the air from coming, but you can reduce exposure to other factors such as light or temperature changes. That’s why you should transfer CBD treats in suitable containers. The best way to avoid heat and light exposure is to keep these goodies in an airtight container, away from high light and heat.

A glass jar with a tight-fitting lid is the preferred method for CBD treats like soft chews. These caps are made of synthetic materials such as plastic or plexiglass to prevent products from being damaged by temperature fluctuations. The opening should be wide enough for easy usage.

Fridge Storage

Fridge Storage

A rule of thumb is to keep CBD pet treats at room temperature. But keep in mind that some hemp products won’t remain effective at room temperature once they are opened. So proper storage practices should include proper storage in the fridge.

You won’t go wrong if you keep CBD treats there for a while. That’s usually for a couple of days, especially when outside temperatures are too high. But deep freezing is not recommended at all. It will likely destroy most CBD-infused products.

If you prefer homemade treats instead of store-bought, keep in mind that these have to be refrigerated. They have a much shorter shelf-life than commercial CBD products since they lack artificial preservatives. But even if you keep them in a fridge, these should be used in a few days.

When taking these treats out of the fridge, always take as many as you need and return the jar. That will reduce the content’s exposure to the air and temperature fluctuations. Cannabidiol tolerates cold well but is sensitive to temperature differences, especially in the short term. Also, minimal air exposure prevents moisture and mold from entering the jar and spoiling your pet’s treats.

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Keeping Out of Reach

Whether you bought or made CBD pet treats, you have chosen the ones that your four-legged buddy will surely like. Although these products are generally safe to use because the amount of CBD is predetermined, you have to take care of the dosage. In general, it is easy to determine how many treats your pet should eat.

But since these products are quite tasty, with all these meaty and spicy aromas, your dog or cat in pain or under stress may want more. If they accidentally come across a jar of these treats, know that they won’t resist. So, you should keep these hemp goods out of their reach to avoid possible overdose (although this is practically impossible) and unpleasant side effects such as tummy issues, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Maybe the best tip you can get is to buy only as many pet CBD edibles as you need for about a week. These are affordable and easy to find in most pet shops. But if you want to be sure you always have these treats in your home, keep them as instructed.