Tips To Keep Your House Clean & Puppy Safe (From Chemicals)

Tips To Keep Your House Clean & Puppy Safe (From Chemicals)

Bringing a puppy into your home is one of life’s most joyous and rewarding experiences. They will be part of your family for the rest of their lives and you will form an unbreakable bond with them. The downside is puppies can be messy and they like to get up to mischief, which usually involves finding things to chew or exploring cupboards you never thought they would be able to get into. Those cupboards could contain cleaning products or other products that could cause harm to your puppy. By following these tips, you will be able to keep your home clean and your puppy safe from harmful chemicals.

Recognise Harmful Chemicals

Recognising what is harmful to your dog is the most important tip. There are chemicals and foods that are not harmful to us but can cause death in animals. Lists of dangerous chemicals for dogs are easily searchable on the internet and your veterinarian will advise you on what is and isn’t safe for them.

Lock Cleaners Away Safely

There are some products that we can’t go without when cleaning (washing powder, toilet bleach etc.) and it would be impossible to throw these out. However, if you must keep them, make sure that they are in a lockable cupboard, preferably high up so that when your puppy decides to go exploring, they are unable to get to them. There are also many natural products, such as an enzyme based cleaning solution, which are completely safe for your puppy, children and the environment.

Invest in a Crate

If you are giving your coffee table a polish after your puppy decided a glass of orange juice looked like a good toy, you want to keep him well away. If you can’t bear to hear his whining from another room as he cries for your attention, investing in a crate is an excellent option. Not only will it allow the puppy to have you in sight, it will also stop them getting into mischief and potentially ingesting harmful chemicals.

Keep Garden Free from Chemicals

A garden is an extension of the home, and just because it is outside, it doesn’t make certain substances any less harmful. If you do not use the natural options to kill pests and weeds, remember that your puppy could potentially eat or lick your plants and flowers. Puppies are curious, they want to explore their new surroundings as much as possible and gardens are one big adventure for them. Making sure your garden is free from chemicals keeps your puppy safe.

Use an Enzyme Cleaner

We’ve established that puppies will make a mess. Whether it is your glass of orange juice being spilled over your coffee table, or bringing half the flowerbed back with them from the garden, they will get dirty and so will your home. They are also going through that awkward stage of toilet training and there will be accidents. It’s inevitable. To make your life easier and to keep your puppy safe, using an enzyme cleaner to eliminate odours and stains is the perfect option. They are totally organic and safe for animals and children. They will completely remove odours and stains from furniture and carpets by eating away the source of the stain or odour, be it urine, faeces or vomit.

Keeping the new member of the family safe while trying to maintain a clean house can be a difficult task but by following the above tips, you will have peace of mind, a safe and healthy puppy and a cleaner home.