Types Of Straw Hats You Can Choose From

Types Of Straw Hats You Can Choose From

A straw hat is a utilitarian and timeless fashionable wardrobe staple. It gets made using tightly interwoven natural or synthetic straw material and is also brimmed for maximum sun protection. Also, straw hats can get worn by both women and men and are available in multiple styles. The hat has been worn in Europe and Asia since the Middle Ages and has always stood for style and sun protection. Straw hats are popular because its lightweight. And since it is woven, it comes with small openings that enable cooling and ventilation during the warm months.

The various kinds of straw hats

  • The boater

Conventionally, men who have worn boater hats for a long time have a formal hat for summer months. There used to be an official day where men shifted from their winter hats to boater hats. This day got celebrated as “Straw Hat Day.” Usually made from stiff straw, the boater hats have a unique look with a stiff brim and flat crown. And today, several boy’s schools in South Africa, UK, and Australia still keep to the boater style as their uniform. And because of some of the prominent fashion brands, this hat has become an iconic style for stylish women. Even the best of fashion and travel bloggers swears by this hat. Today, you will come across the boater-style straw hat on Instagram and other social media platforms. Both men and women love to photograph themselves in this hat as they make a fashion statement.

  • Panama

If you are going for a vacation, the Panama straw hat is an essential accessory. It is known for its breathability and is also easy to wear. Usually, it gets worn by men with linen or light silk suit. Conventionally, this hat gets made from the Toquilla straw. If the weave of the hat is tight, it gets more costly. The Panama straw hats are trendy amongst the tourists and vacationers as it looks stylish and offers complete sun protection. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hat became popular after President Roosevelt wore it in 1906 during his visit to the Panama Canal. The images always projected a stylish, sporty, and confident man. Even though this hat got typically worn by men, today, even women flaunt it. You will find celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Amal Clooney wearing the Panama straw hat with their stylish attires.

  • Fedora

People usually confuse between the Panama and Fedora straw hats. Most think that both are some, which might seem true in a few cases. The Panama hat gets defined by its Toquilla Straw material, and Fedoras get defined by its shape. Most Panama hats are made using straw, whereas a Fedora might also be made using other materials, like a felt. Additionally, the Fedora comes with a pinched front, low crown, and a wide brim, making it appear stylish and providing ample sun protection.  When it comes to Panama hats, some of them also get made in the boater shape. Hence, the straw hats for men can, at times, be a Panama Fedora. However, if it gets made with any other material, it will get classified as a Panama hat. The straw fedora hats typically compliment both women and men. It’s a popular choice amongst tourists, and it’s lightweight. The hat matches most attires and is easy to style.

  • Floppy beach hat

Most people who think about a straw hat usually think of the famous floppy beach straw hat; mostly, women wear it. The hat comes with a broad brim, maximizes sun protection, and complements a cover-up or a bikini. The brims can be as wide as 10 inches and provide shoulder protection as well. Since these hats are available at various price points, you need to pay extra attention to UPF aspects along with the tight weave if sun protection is crucial for you. Most beachgoers get sunburnt when they visit the beach, especially atop their heads when wearing a cheap and low-quality floppy hat. It doesn’t mean all the floppy beach hats are cheap. However, you must pay attention to the quality while making a purchase.

  • Lifeguard hat

This hat gains its popularity from its namesake, the Lifeguards mostly found along the Californian coast. In terms of shape, this hat comes with a distinctive high crown and an adjustable chin strap. The Lifeguard straw hats are usually made with thick straw and have a loose weave. If you want sun protection, you might not be happy with what this hat has to offer. But these hats are highly stylish and can provide moderate protection from sun rays. And this hat is famous amongst lifeguards, fishermen, and gardeners too.

These are some popular types of straw hats that you can choose from when you are planning to buy one.