Unexpected and Niche Uses for CBD

Unexpected and Niche Uses for CBD


When you think about it, the gradual acceptance of CBD across the world is quite an impressive feat considering how much bad press, related to recreational cannabis consumption, it has had to contend with in nearly every area where it has been introduced as a legal product. Part of this success is down to a changing attitude about the substance and education about its potential benefits.

Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD oil, gummies, and other innovative new products, say that the full potential of CBD is far from realized yet (you can visit their website here: https://yammycbd.com/).

As things stand, there are many niche uses and applications of CBD that many are just not even aware of. Some of these are at the forefront of development and have yet to be transformed into new products.

Products of the Future

If these niche uses of CBD keep up, then the research confirming their effectiveness is sure to follow. And after that comes the new products. This is always the development trajectory that CBD products have undergone. It has been a long way from cannabis being smoked illegally, for health benefits instead of recreation, to today’s scene of myriad legal CBD products and health professionals recommending – and even prescribing – the substance for all manner of conditions.

Unusual Uses for CBD

So, this is in fact the most important thing to bear in mind. The following unusual and niche uses for CBD might seem strange right now, but they are proven to work and, before long, these applications of CBD are likely to become more fully accepted across the board.

Immune Boosters

It’s no surprise that certain plant-derived and entirely natural products are effective immune boosters. For example, lemons and garlic have been known to have this quality for decades and are regularly used as immune boosters. CBD also has this quality and there are even now CBD-based immune system supplements regularly used by some people.

For Relaxation

Also non-psychoactive and, in most cases, containing only negligible amounts of THC, CBD products are also used for their calming effects. As things stand, the calming effect of CBD is usually anecdotal and varies from person to person, but in time it seems like that CBD products designed specifically for this purpose could become a reality.

Stress Relief

CBD used for stress relief might sound like much the same thing as CBD used for relaxation, but the context is where the distinction is made. CBD used for relaxation is almost a recreational pursuit – to chill out in much the same way as some people have a glass of wine and hot bath. CBD for stress relief is much more about combatting the adverse effects of stress. Blood pressure, various kinds of inflammation, and the development of anxiety disorders are all related to stress. Anti-stress CBD products then are likely to be marketed for use as specific anti-stress treatment.


Certain CBD products are already marketed as sleeping aids. However, one thing to note is that they are nearly always classed as natural sleep remedies and share little in common with the mild sedatives we often refer to as “sleeping pills”. Again, the effect can vary from person to person, but the potential for CBD sleeping aids is actually already well known.

Ultimately, it has been the gradual acceptance of CBD that has seen all these potential benefits become only gradually understood and known. Nevertheless, things seem to be moving in only one direction, and there appears to be no end to the different types of CBD products which could be developed in the very near future.