Why Do My Parents Hate Me? – Taking the First Step in Getting Back on Track

Why Do My Parents Hate Me? - Taking the First Step in Getting Back on Track

“Why do My parents hate me?” This is a common question for those who experience growing up with parents who are mean and nasty. We all wish to believe that our parents love us and are loving and kind to us. But often, this isn’t the case. Learn why your parents hate you below!

The parent-child relationship is among the most important aspects of human existence. Most of life’s decisions, behaviors, and development happen through it. As a child, seek out their approval whenever possible.

Many people wonder why do my parents hate me; sometimes it is because they have changed over the years or don’t know how to deal with a change in attitude. Other times, parents treat children differently simply because they seem like threats. For instance, when I was younger my parents would get angry when I pushed their weight or tried to get them to help with something. If my parents treated me differently, I probably would’ve become more self-critical. I don’t know if my self-criticism led to my depression but it sure made life difficult for me as a child.

Another reason why do my parents hate me is because of my academic performance. Many children with parents who love them experience great happiness with their academic performance. Academic performance results in better grades and a higher score on tests. Yet, for most parents, their children’s low academic performance is an excuse to not love them anymore.

Perhaps the most important reason why do my parents hate me is because of my relationship with my parents. When my parents were young, my parents divorced when I was seven years old. Since I was the “other” kid in the relationship, my parents treated me badly. They would yell and scream at me, call me names, and belittle me. Even though I felt bad and deserved it, my parents didn’t love me anymore than they did when they were married. This certainly didn’t help my relationship with my peers, teachers, or any other adults in my life.

So, why do my parents hate me? I believe that they are angry because they never received any love and affection from me as a child. I can say that I gained a lot of respect from them as an adult because of what I did for them. Instead of hating me, they should be grateful that I have turned into a better person. If you are an adult and find yourself in a parent/child relationship, there are a few things you can do to improve it.

The first thing you can do to improve your relationship with your parents is to learn their value system. I am not saying that you need to change your parents’ values, but you do need to respect their way of doing things. If your parents only see you as a source of income, they will have a negative view of you. On the other hand, if you show your parents respect, even for the wrong things you do, your relationship will become more positive. Unfortunately, my parents’ value system was based on “Do what I want, don’t you?” It took me a while to figure out, so now I only do things that I want.

One reason why my parents hate me is that I was always doing things that they didn’t approve of. If you do something and your parents are mad at you, the first step in fixing the problem is to apologize and say that you will not do that thing anymore. If you are lucky enough to get caught doing it, then you should apologize again and mean it more. If not, you may want to find out why your parents are angry at you, because anger is one of the biggest triggers for irritability. Finally, your parents will appreciate your willingness to change if you keep doing the things they did not like.